Thursday, 14 January 2010


The extensive discussion & exposure undertaken throughout our elective classes has encouraged us discover new and existing digital technologies can be used. This has uncovered the creative potential and capabilities this medium offers that are to our disposal. We have been given an opportunity to research refreshing new perspectives of the Internet and thus have earned a better and broader understanding with consideration to the positive and negative sides of this innovation. Thorough out the last ten weeks we have had some outrageously interesting discussions and participated in some enlightening workshops concerning the translation of digital to physical and ideas about the Internet as a place for artistic practice and interpretation. The digital human endeavour is a significant achievement culturally, historically, socially, scientifically and artistically. Considering this topic to such great detail will have broadening effects on my course and practice in the future.
The groups as a whole we very capable to work together and were equally driven to offer new and interesting perspectives on the subject which worked catalytically towards our understanding of the many aspects to consider such a broad topic. Our discussions and individual research has certainly encouraged me to feel content with the role of the Internet in modern culture. I still believe it to be a tool, but with profound effects on how people feel and act.
I understand the tractability of web 2.0 which opposed to make me sceptical of how it can be used exploitively in terms of advertising and attempting to gain revenue, in real terms I’m not to bothered with junk mail, I have pop-ups blocked and target advertising doesn't really encourage me personally.  But it is an opportunistic environment among many other things, and that is the case with everyone. Having said this I have considered more profoundly the way in which the Internet can be used manipulatively to influence and sway people and that it can have a negative impact if used in a corrupt, selfish way by governments and enterprises who limit and even prevent people from accessing its broad content because of fear of how they may interpret information. It is surprising how clearly the internet illustrates the power that knowledge and information can provide us and how threatening this simple fact can be to powerful people in certain parts of the world, even in the UK.
I am very exciting about having been awakened to the potential of mobile technologies, how an affordable device can potentially offer information (and the freedom to access it) to many people all over the world who would else need many more resources to access this. I like to consider the future of the internet and its place in the lives of generations to come, for example contemplating how schools can be more economical especially in parts of the world with restricted resources. I believe there is a clear definition between reality and a virtual existence and that any boarders may be taken to be relative to the users and observers. Questions concerning the electron, neurology and thoughts about the relationship between biology and technology in the future have begun to stir, but these topics are beyond my current understanding.
Creatively it has given me a greater confidence in using open source material for the use of interactive animations or instillations that breed physical and digital mediums. Generally I feel encouragement for the future of the Internet, comforted but the concept of user-generated content and for the directions in which my practice can spread. These directions include using 3D software for rapid prototyping and sculpture as well as projected interactive animations using open source programs.

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