Saturday, 10 April 2010

Good will on the internet

An extraordinary event occurred,  I am very interested in getting the manuscript for Edvard Greig's, March of the Drawfs. Jonnyeightagain of youtube posted a video performance of himself playing Edvard Grieg's- March of the Dwafs (Zug der Zwerge). I enjoyed his performance and commented, asking how and where I can aquire a manuscript of this music. Someone called MusicMakerV, after reading my comment decided to give me the music (an act of kindness). 

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    anunexpectedgrid @MusicMakerV That is incredible! I will send you an email. Thankyou so much! 
  • MusicMakerV @anunexpectedgrid i can send yout the sheets..??

  • anunexpectedgrid WOOOAAAHHHH! This is amazing. I would love to learn this. Can I buy manuscript on line? I Don't know. Ill have a look actually rather than waste your time when all I wanted to do was praise you. Good work. 

  • siggdigg this is so awsome 

  • TiffanyXMooree huhuwenn jemand sich um mich kümmern würde wäre ich glücklich^^ bin so einsam 

  • whitestripesftw @XtreOo I'm kinda confused at your comment... I was just complimenting him on his octaves. They aren't easy. He should play some ragtime. 

  • XtreOo @whitestripesftw 

    GG at pointing out the only 'obvious' mishap in the entire vid. Pretty much down to the second as well. Then proceeding to complement it, which illustrates that you got even less clue than me :(
    But wow at that performance. I'll agree with the other 200-and-so and say: masterfully played. 
  • Strawberry16x Amazing speed, but it sounds perfect. Great sound recording too! Lmao (: Love it. :D 
  • HiFisch94 i can just say wow 

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